Ruben Lara

Software Architect & Developer

About me

Pationate follower of IT-Frameworks and Notations

I'm a really pationate follower of IT-frameworks and Notations. IT-Frameworks give us a set of well defined high-level rules, processes and recomendations and let us adjust and implement these rules and processes in such a way that pre-established goals can be succesfully reached. Notations like BPMN or UML are essential tools for a good communication between business and IT at strategic and operational level.

Focal point of professional interest

Nowadays, most management responsibles in organizations meet Business-IT alignment incidents ocurring over and over again in a simple manner: they solve the concrete problem, the symptom.

This approach is most of the time useful and convenient but not a long term procedure to follow. Many of these responsibles obviously oversee, for instance, that a service management problem may have a correlation to an incorrect implemented project management activity. Problems are solved in the specific mamagement area without considering other areas in the organization.

Despite of which business or technological scope is being treated: IT Frameworks ensure a right setting and give a fitting frame for management activities.

Management Frameworks like the PMBoK, ITIL V3 and COBIT are closely linked. I claim, a tailored integration of these Frameworks into the organization would perfectly enable a reliable and effective strategic and operational Corporate Management.

Starting from the business goals and hereof derived set of IT goals, a model can be designed resulting in a basic process landscape for IT. This model will not only include the dependencies between processes inside a specific framework. It will also consider the link to processes from outside i.e. to processes inside other applied management frameworks in the organization. Together with a tool like the Balance Scorecard, this model can provide a fully overview of strategy and operations.

But, what is it good for? Well, casually speaking, it will allow finally to get rid of problems and not to temporaly make symptoms around Business-IT alignment dissapear. Briefly summarised:

  • Desicion makers will be able to act precisely relying on a real picture.
  • Service Level Agreements can be better elaborated.
  • Portfolio and Project Management can be better implemented.
  • Key Performance Indicators reflected values can be analized in a wider perspective specially considering all factors of influence.

Work Experience

Developer, Software architect

SBB Juni 2016 - August 2016

Mobile app development for registration of train route data.

Developer, Software architect

Mobility Media GmbH (Bosch) December 2014 - Mai 2016

Development of the IoT-Software for Connected Car.

Developer, Software architect & Requirements Engineer

Profitbricks GmbH August 2013 - September 2014

Further development of the provisioning software. Requirements engineer function.

Developer & Software Architect

Mobility Media GmbH Juni 2013 - Juli 2013

Design and implementation of a proof of concept in the context of a planned introduction of a service oriented architecture.

Requirements Engineering

ESG GmbH March 2013 - Mai 2013

Assistence in the development of technical specifications and bidding documentation.

Developer & Team Lead

Hamburg Süd May 2012 - November 2012

Introduction of BPMN at operational level and technical implementation.


Das Büro am Draht February 2012 - April 2012

Providing a Web service client/server for data consume between VW and Das Büro am Draht.


QVC November 2011 - January 2012

Development of an IT-System for the TV-planning and roll out process.


Siemens AG March 2011 - Mai 2011

Assistance in the development of a Management Tool for the planning-process of human resources project assignment worldwide.


Cornelsen Service Gesellschaft GmbH April 2010 - December 2010

Assistance in the further development of a Management Tool for the planning-process and administration od book orders.

Product Owner

GovIT Januar 2010 - December 2010

Specification and Implementation of the IT-Governance tool GovIT.

Team Lead GmbH January 2008 - Mai 2009

Specification, design and implememtation of an IT-System for assisting EU-Fond applications and project activities.


  • Scrum Certified Product Owner
  • Requirements Engineering Expert Fundamental
  • BPMN Expert Fundamental
  • Project Management Professional PMP
  • ITIL V3
  • V-Modell XT Projektleiter und QA-Verantwortlicher
  • COBIT Practitioner
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect SCEA
  • UML Expert Fundamental
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Weserstr. 83, 12059
Berlin - Germany
  ++49 151 4643 4738

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